29 – Dense daddies & Pornified art

Austin may have the highest density of daddies, but the ones on Instagram take the cake for being the most ~dense~. Old white dudes throwing around their sexual desires like the entitled horndogs they are. Nothing new here!

Also, could people please stop pornifying my art? Don’t hypersexualize me. Don’t hypersexualize my art. Leave us the fuck alone.

My birthday is in 5 days. Yasss indeed I do turn 26. I also have depression (in case you didn’t know) and as usual, it is ungodly around this time of year. Hence the fucking late as heck podcast. Sorry. I do apologize to the few of you who actually care. This time that should be my time is in fact, once again, dedicated to trying to stay afloat. Wish me luck bbs.

©2018 Clementine Yost
December 3, 2018 23:57  PST

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