Hello lovely humans of the internet and welcome toAchingly Polite! Hosted by me, Clementine Yost. Let this be your one stop shop for everything feminist, anxious, sexy and depressed (what fun!)

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Launched on May 22, 2018, I discuss intersectional feminist issues, break mental health stigmas and promote sex positive sex education. Tune in for feminist rants, my many scintillating issues and the commodity that’s always hot, sex. My stream of consciousness is about as elastic as my waistband, which is all you’re going to find under my belt, because I have no qualifications. I’ve a BA in history and politics and I’m technically an expert on Pope Gregory VII (RIP). So by all means take a seat, not my advice and listen to my ramblings.

I am a 25 year old woman creating intersectional feminist pieces in the hope of enlightening white feminism and smashing the patriarchy. I use writing and art to empower women (trans, cis, non-binary), people of color, and my fellow queers. My work challenges the status quo on behalf of those society would have us dismiss. Join me in amplifying voices and being an ally.

I talk openly about my mental health and aim to de-stigmatize society’s conversation about mental health. I have clinical anxiety, OCD, depression, ADHD and am recovering from anorexia and bulimia. While that does sound like a lot of problems, I like to think it allows me to truly empathize with vast swathes of my fellow human beans.

The name “Achingly Polite” was born from one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems,

She dealt her pretty words like blades

How glittering they shone

and everyOne unbared a nerve

or wantoned with a bone.

She never deemed – she hurt

That – is not Steel’s affair

A vulgar grimace in the flesh

How ill the creatures bear.


To Ache is human – not polite

The film upon the eye

Mortality’s old custom

Just locking up to die.

(get it????)

I will also be starting an Etsy shop to sell my drawings (cheaply) because what else am I meant to do?

I love you all already. If you like the cut of my jib, follow on Instagram & Twitter @achinglypolite and on Facebook at /achinglypolite.


P.S. The Angel Trumpet blooms you see in my pictures are poisonous, so please do not eat them. Not that you would. But try to always google plants before you play with them. Such bright colors attract children and animals and apparently idiots like me so just be careful, ok? I don’t get a rash when I play with them, but you might, so maybe just don’t do it? Always the overprotective mum about everything, I just had to warn ya!


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